From our automated cutting and layup process to delivering finished wheels, our production process is designed to save energy and eliminate waste every step of the way. In fact, for over two years now we have not thrown away any composite material.

Zero Waste. 100% Recyclable.

Automated cutting means we have no wasted material, and recycling FUSIONFIBER® is as simple as shredding it into short fibers. These fibers can be directly repurposed into new compression-molded parts for other commercial applications with zero waste.

Zero Carbon Dust. 

Rims made with FUSIONFIBER® don’t need sanding or deburring. While this saves even more energy with our process, more importantly this eliminates the production of carbon dust, a harmful byproduct of typical rim manufacturing.

Lower Emissions.

FUSIONFIBER® requires no refrigeration and has an unlimited shelf life, unlike the epoxy pre-preg carbon fiber material used to make other rims. This is because we don’t use any epoxies or resins, which would also need to be burned off before recycling. This avoids an energy-intensive step and means that FusionFiber is easily recyclable, producing zero toxins and a process that is emission efficient compared to epoxy pre-preg carbon fiber.

Every FUSIONFIBER® rim is made in our production lab in Utah. Being closer to our customers means that we don’t need to ship our rims and wheels across the ocean, which reduces our energy usage and emissions even further.