What is FusionFiber®?

FUSIONFIBER®  is our proprietary (patent pending) material that we use to produce rims that are superior to typical carbon fiber rims in a variety of important ways.




What Makes FusionFiber® Different?

FUSIONFIBER® is made with long-chain polymers instead of the brittle and toxic epoxies and resins used in typical carbon fiber.

This makes it possible to absorb impacts through microscopic flexing in the fibers and to radially dissipate shock throughout the rim.

As a result, rims made with FUSIONFIBER® offer a smoother ride and much higher impact resistance.

[with typical carbon fiber] it’s difficult to design the wheel in a way that allows more vertical compliance without sacrificing lateral stability – it’s inherent in the way the epoxies harden


the sweet spot

Rims made with FUSIONFIBER® have been tested to withstand a minimum of 275% of the UCI standard for impact resistance as well as a minimum of 950 lbs of spoke pull force.

Normally improving strength requires adding more material, which increases weight and decreases performance.

But rims made with FUSIONFIBER® are as light as, or even lighter than, typical high performance carbon fiber rims.

The FUSIONFIBER®  material also provides a 50% or greater increase in damping while maintaining lateral stability.

This is the best of all worlds. Stronger and more durable, without additional weight. A smoother ride without sacrificing trail feedback or control.

Right away, when getting after it on the first climb I noticed how responsive the wheels were. At over 100g lighter than many of the comparable 29mm internal rims, that is a decent amount of rotating weight to shave off.