FusionFiber® Production Process

Our FUSIONFIBER® production process is highly automated and optimized to ensure quality control and minimize environmental impact. Best of all, we can scale up production quickly and adjust to meet your needs.

The FusionFiber process has many advantages over the process for typical carbon fiber composites.

The raw FUSIONFIBER® material requires zero refrigeration and has an unlimited shelf life.

Also, unlike pre-preg carbon fiber, FUSIONFIBER® does not need to be cut from a roll or shaped by hand.

Instead, we use a fully automated cutting, layup, and shaping process. This cuts out waste and the potential for human error.

The rapid curing process further reduces production time and energy usage.

FUSIONFIBER® rims do not need sanding, deburring, clear coat, or paint.

Instead, FUSIONFIBER® rims are finished with vinyl decals and powder-coating, which is lighter and more durable than clear-coating. 

This eliminates harmful carbon dust and VOC emissions. It also means that FusionFiber is 100% recyclable.

Manufacturing and shipping from Utah reduces transit time and our carbon footprint by about 30%.